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You can find out by going to our 'How It Works' page.
Simply type in your device model into the Search box on our home page. Once your model is found, you will be able to get an instant value.
On most gadgets, the model is normally printed on the back or somewhere on the device itself. You can also try to match what your device looks like against our extensive model image library.
We'll accept both Working and Faulty gear listed on our website.
Choose state Powers On and Condition options accordingly.
iOs: Select Settings icon, then General, scroll all the way down and select Reset. Erase All Content and Settings will be the next option to choose. Click Erase Now and enter all your passwords as requested. It will take a few minutes and the phone will restart. Done. Android: Tap System, then Advanced and Reset options (if you don’t see Advanced, tap Reset options). Tap Erase all data (factory reset), then Reset phone or Reset tablet. If required please enter PIN or pattern/password. Tap Erase everything. Once finished, pick the option to restart. Done.​
Click on Help icons to see what criteria each device has to meet.
Unfortunately, it means we currently do not accept it.
Yes, new ​devices would be classed and valued as ​Pristine.
If your phone is blocked, it is likely it has been reported lost or stolen. We do not purchase blocked handsets. If you are the rightful owner of a blocked handset, we suggest you contact your service provider to have the phone unblocked.
We accept Network locked handsets and pay the full value.
We tend to stick to quoted prices for submitted orders for 14 calendar days. This date should be printed on your delivery note as well as can be seen logged into your account.
If once received we notice that quantity, condition or model is wrong we will email you a revised offer, which you can choose to accept or deny. We can also return device back to you.
Most working devices are refurbished and re-introduced back into tech markets to improve other people lives and communications. Dead devices can be used for parts.
Please proceed to checkout and place a £0 value order. Send it to us at the address on our contact us page and we’ll make sure nothing bad happens to it and it doesn’t end up in a landfill! Mobile Buyers do not cover the cost of sending £0 value devices so please make sure that you pay for the correct postage.


Once you have placed an online sell order, you will be given the choice to request a Send-in Pack or print your own labels. Your pack will include a box, delivery note, posting instructions and a postal bag. Simply follow the posting and packaging instructions and post via one of our posting options.
Once your online order is placed, we'll post you a sale pack within 48hrs. If you have not received this pack within 5 days, it may have been lost in the post. Please check that we have your correct address and contact us to arrange another pack to be sent.
We offer a Freepost service which allows you to post devices free of charge. We have various posting options for you to choose from. These options are all explained in the posting instructions that are included in the ​Send-in Pack that we send you.​ ​​Unfortunately, we cannot accept responsibility for non-delivery of ​device(s) you send. We recommend that you send any high-value units via registered post to ensure successful delivery.
If you want some extra cash, please do! Choose which accessories you would like to send while you're on the product page.
No, we only require the handset and battery.​ ​Please make sure your SIM card is removed.​ ​We accept no liability in the event that any phone that has been sent with its SIM card and charges are then incurred. You shall continue to be responsible for such charges.
Turn it off and pack your gear into any small box or cardboard box. Ensure it does not shift inside​ ​and has enough padding. Manufacturer box is great for that. Include any accessories if required.​ ​Simply print out the delivery note and postage labels. The note goes inside​ and​ label on the outside.​ If you have ordered a send-in pack​, simply open it up, inside you will find a bag, delivery note and labels. Use the same box to package your device. Then stick the packaged device into the​ ​provided bag together with a delivery note. Lastly, peel off the selected label and stick it on the bag.
We will send you an email ​and a text message ​on the day your ​device arrives. Our Freepost service should take 2-3 working days to be delivered to us. If you chose​ ​the faster option it should be with us within 24 hours.
You can include any accessories which are listed on our website. Click on Help icon to see which condition they have to be in.
Yes, you can come to our facilities in South West London and bring the device yourself. Please check our full address and working hours here: https://www.mobilebuyers.co.uk/contact/.


We offer two payment methods​​ on our website ​- Bank Transfer and Cheque.
Once we have received and checked your ​device(s) we promise to make/post your payment on the same day!​ ​We'll send you an email to confirm payment has been sent.


Please ​click on ​​Account icon in the top right corner of our website​. You will immediately be taken to your Orders section and click on View Order where you will be able to see your order details.
Please click on Account icon in the top right corner of our website​ and log in.
Please click on Account icon in the top right corner of our website and​ choose Details.​
Please click on Account icon in the top right corner of our website and​ choose Settings.
For security reasons your password is encrypted and cannot be seen by anyone but you.​ ​Please ​go to your account and ​select ​Forgot ​P​assword? option​. Then enter your email where we'll send you a new password. Once received, we recommend that you log into the My Account area of our website and reset the password to one of your choice.


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